Can you put an adopted kid back into foster care?

Question by Sayla: Can you put an adopted kid back into foster care?
My mom threatened to put me back into foster care. Can you even do that? I’ve been adopted by this family for over 10 years. Also, can you pick where you go? And is it possible for a foster kid to go to a home out of state? Is it possible for me to go back to my real family? I talk to them and my dad was in jail when I was born so he obviously couldn’t parent but can he have a say in it now? I have other siblings who live with him but weren’t put up for adoption. (best answer if you can answer most or all of these questions)

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Answer by Zorro
Yes, they can.

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8 Responses to Can you put an adopted kid back into foster care?

  1. redneckmother says:

    You need to realize that a parent can turn their biological child over to foster care so it wouldn’t be any different for an adopted child. Your biological parents have no say in what happens to you now because they are legally no longer your parents. I think the big question here is why are they threatening to do this to you?

  2. Dee Marie says:

    Yes, an adopted child can be put back into foster care. In our state, the adoptive parents would have to pay child support until the child is adopted again, or until the child ages out of the system.

    No, you can not choose where you go. Nor can your adoptive parents.

    No, you will not go to a home out of state unless your adoptive parents’ parental rights were terminated and a family out of state was interested in adopting you.

    No, you will not go back to your birth family. Once their parental rights were terminated, that’s that.

    No, your birth dad will not get custody of you.

    I’m sorry your mom is acting like this towards you. That is truly atrocious behavior on her part!! Have you done anything to provoke this kind of behavior from her? Sorry you’re having to go through this!!

  3. Sammy Gabbie says:

    1. Yes.
    2. No.
    3. No.

  4. Jas says:

    Yes, she can.

    But, do not let that get to you. She’s just holding this against you for some reason, and two people can play that mind game…
    Tell her that she’s going to look as bad, if not worse than what she’s likely been thinking about or saying about your R-Mother.

    I doubt you can pick where you go. If she tosses you away, then yes, you could stand a chance of being open to adoption again, or going back to your R-Family if they inquire about it, or if they even know you’re back in care and after you’ve been in care for awhile, and if they worked on what needs to be changed for your safety.

  5. Margaret Straley says:

    Sadly yes she can but that doesn’t mean that it’s ok to say something like that to a child adopted or biological. You can’t choose where you go if you’re turned over to the state but I think maybe a family member our friend can take you in if your mom agrees. She can sign custody over to them. You’re biological father does not have a say in what happens because all of his parental rights were signed over during your adoption. Also I don’t know the full story but if he was in prison then maybe he’s not the best person to go to. I hope everything turns out great for you. And I’m sorry your mom would say something like that to you.

  6. cricketlady says:

    No she can’t do that. And if she really was serious about trying charges could be filed against her.
    Sounds like she is just using that as some sort of leverage against you. No your bio dad has no say in this.

  7. Mrs says:

    When I was a teen and me and my foster mom fought like thirld world war she said I could move back to my dad and that left me devastated! I knew he was not an option so I would end up homeless. We ended up in therapy though since all communication broke down and that sorted things out and they told her that was not OK to say. I understood she was desperate and did not mean to hurt me and I think that goes for your mom as well. I a parent myself today and my daughter has driven me insane more than once and we all sat things in anger we regret. She has said she hates me more than once but I know, and she knows, she does not mean it. As a parent we have to take that but sometimes I think teens forget how it would feel to have it said back, that your mother hates you. It would not be fun to hear although you know it is not true.

    Your birth parents will not get custody of you if your parents give you up and you can not choose where to go. But they will not do that. She was trying to get through to you. Tell her how it makes you feel and what thoughts it raises in your head. She needs to know. She does not want you to doubt that you are safe and loved with them.

  8. peeples19831 says:

    First of all chances are your mother said that because you were acting out and she simply did not know how to deal with the situation (not an excuse). Without signing over her rights which is very very hard to do it won’t happen. No you can not pick where you go and No they will not move you out of state. No you can’t go back to your real family (they aren’t your real family by the way, your real family is that mother you don’t want to behave for). Your birth father has zero say now and your birth mother doesn’t have a say either.
    With that said, parents don’t say things like “I will put you back in foster care” for no reason. She has taken care of you for 10 years and my bet would be you aren’t making life very easy. This woman took you in when no one wanted you!!! She has raised you, fed you, clothed you, and provided a roof. Unless she is abusing you in some way be grateful because not all of us were so lucky to have someone adopt us.

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