What kind of questions to do the social workers ask when interviewing you to become a foster care provider?

Question by CHE: What kind of questions to do the social workers ask when interviewing you to become a foster care provider?
My family is looking to become a foster family for a little boy in need, and we are just curious as to the types of questions they are going to ask us when they pull us a side individually after the background check?

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Answer by wolverine205
It’s difficult to say. Most agencies have their own set of questions, but the general gist of them will test whether you have the financial, mental, physical, emotional, and social ability to handle an extra child. Some questions will ask you things like “have you and your spouse ever had an argument?” The answer in just about all cases is yes, but that’s not the answer they’re looking for. You will need to explain what all happened, what led to the issue, how and how quickly the argument was handled, and how you have now grown as a result. They will also ask you, very seriously, “Do you want another child.” This question is extremely common. Sometimes it’s adapted to “Why do you feel you need to add this child to your family?” Some questions will address your religion(s), personal habits and hobbies, things you expect from a child, and so on.

I encourage you to talk to your spouse about these kinds of issues, but most of all not to worry. If you both truly do want this child to be added to your family, then you’ll have absolutely no problem. My grandparents fostered two children whom they adopted, in addition to something like 9 small families from South America, the Ukraine, Native American reservations, and from different parts of the US. The key is to enjoy it. Look forward to every moment with your child and you will be the best parent you ever could be.

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