When you foster to adopt, how likley is it that you get to keep the baby/child?

Question by Hunbun: When you foster to adopt, how likley is it that you get to keep the baby/child?
I am just wondering, I would like more info on foster to adopt also.

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Answer by cassakane
I would assume that if the foster agency knew that you wanted to adopt then they would place a child with you that is up for adoption. So, they will not place a child with you who is only waiting for its mother to clean her act up before returning home. So, I would assume that as long as you check out and qualify for adoption and everything goes well with the child then you should be able to adopt.

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3 Responses to When you foster to adopt, how likley is it that you get to keep the baby/child?

  1. cricketlady says:

    You have a better chance of getting to adopt the child through regular foster care. In foster to adopt the goal is still return home.

  2. Allanas says:

    It depends on what you ask for.

    My brother and his wife ONLY want foster to adopt. They only want a baby that’s going to be released to adoption. They’ve been waiting over a year for a kid.

  3. LiveA says:

    If you’re going through DSS and they have approved you for foster-to-adopt then they will most likely take into consideration when placing a child with you that you want to adopt. Therefore they’ll probably consider a child that has very unlikely chance of returning home due to safety or a child that already has termination of parental rights pending and likelihood of appeals from birth-parents or extended family members reaching out to step in are slim to none. Remember DSS main goal is to reunite a child with birth-parents whenever possible, unless serious safety is a concern and then they look to adoption. For more information on foster-to-adopt contact your local DSS office.

    If you want to find out about the 100,000 children that have already had parental rights terminated and are waiting to be adopted (due to neglect/abuse & they can’t return to birth parents etc), please visit http://www.davethomasfoundation.org to obtain free information and guidance on adopting from the foster care system. These children are already waiting and wanting a forever home.

    Best of luck to you.

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