how can I send myself to a foster home and leave my mom?

Question by gogomania: how can I send myself to a foster home and leave my mom?
My dad is gone, my mom admitted she’s unreliable which she is and she can’t get through a conversation without saying “you better shut up”

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Answer by jrkookie
call CPS (Child Protective Services) and ask to speak to someone there. they will be able to get you to all the right people.

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3 Responses to how can I send myself to a foster home and leave my mom?

  1. H a y l e e H o m i c i d e says:

    Call CPS and talk to someone there about it. Tell them everything.
    But CPS isn’t the funnest thing to have to go through. I’m dealing with all of their shit right now with my mother. I might have to go to a foster home soon if she doesn’t straighten her act up. If you want away from your mother that bad, talk to a family member or a close friend about living with them first. And if CPS does take you away, they’ll talk to family members and friends first. That’s how I ended up living with my grandmother.

  2. Mackenzie says:

    You sure you want that? I know a lot of kids romanticize it’ll be better– but trust me, kids in the foster care system will tell you it’s not good.

    You can call CPS but unless there is evidence of 1) real abuse or 2) real neglect, they are going to investigate and make life hell for your mom, only to send you back there.

    Being cranky and saying “shut up” isn’t exactly considered abusive.

  3. hsfromthestart says:

    Is she so unreliable that it is a danger to you? Saying “you better shut up” may not be nice but it probably won’t be considered abusive enough to remove you from her care.

    As a foster parent, I’ve dealt with kids removed from homes because parents are drug addicts and/or in jail, because the kids have broken bones, or live in rat-infested, filth-filled homes that aren’t safe, or the kids aren’t being fed, or other such things. A lot more than what you’ve described.

    As the child of a former foster child, I know that being removed from your home to a strange, new home can be terribly frightening and that new home might be better but it might be a lot worse, too. So, it isn’t something to undertake lightly.

    Better to start by talking to some trusted adults about the problems. Talk to a school counselor, or a relative, or friend of the family. Someone who might help you work through things. Maybe there’s a relative or friend that you could move in with for a while, someone you already know, who you and your mom can trust–especially since she’s admitted being unreliable. This is what Child Protective Services will try to arrange first anyway–they’d rather put you with people you know than in a strange foster home, if possible.

    If the problems truly are horrific, then call Child Protective Services. Call the police, if need be, to get their number.

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